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4 Types of Grocery Shoppers

1. Couponers

2. Centipedes

Centipedes use multiple carts, so when they go to checkout their line of carts look like a centipede. Anyone can be a centipede, but they are usually fundamentalist families, InfoWars listeners getting stocked up for the apocalypse, and people on those obesity television shows.

3. Commandos

Commandos shop with a mission. They shop like their life depends on it. They’re usually soccer moms or businessmen who don’t have time to dick around at the grocery store all day.

4. Camels

A Camel is a someone who has a habit of forgetting a basket or underestimating how many groceries they need to buy, and then ends up carrying a large amount of groceries through the store. I do this crap all the time.

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